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Nature has many wonders which are inconceivable to the human mind and often baffles even the most qualified scientists. These things have been toms shoes outlet a part of the human process of learning cheap toms shoes and evolution. As years have progressed, science has contributed extensively to unraveling the mysteries of the connection between mankind and nature. Birth and death have become fairly easy to understand as of today. But this study has also allowed man to manipulate nature to his own benefit. This is evident in the increasing use of the gender calendar. This is a process through which would-be parents can choose the gender of their soon to be born child and create the family of their dreams. Considered to be an unsure process in the initial days, the gender calendar has achieved repute owing to its efficiency and satisfying results.

There are many scientific researches which have pointed out that the right diet and some precautions can help parents in manipulating the gender of the child. This process has been named the gender calendar. The science of the gender calendar depends on the negative and positive charges of the sperm and the ova. These are the basic derivatives for the creation of life in the womb. The sperm carrying the X chromosome is negative in charge while those with the Y chromosome are positive in charge. The positive cycle of the mother will lead the ovum to attract the X chromosome leading to a girl child, while the negative cycle can produce a male child. This cycle depends to a great extent on the diet and ionic consumption of the mother. With the right monitoring, it is possible for parents to manipulate this cycle according to their preference.

It has been observed through the various gender calendar methods, that the right diet plays a major role in the monitoring and restructuring of the ovum cycle in women. For instance, a high potassium diet is bound to point towards a positive cycle and leads to the birth of a male child, whereas low potassium often leads to the birth of a female child. This is why many experts?advice expecting mothers to stock up on foods like bananas and apricots if they are preferential towards the male child. There are other factors like pH levels which also affect this progress of this cycle. Male sperms are known to be more fragile, this is why mothers looking for a female child are often advised for a low pH diet. The intervention of science, although manipulative, has made it possible for many people to achieve their dream families without any hiccups. The gender calendar helps in understanding these and many other simple procedures which can aid the process.

A child is a blessing to any family. Many people often spend their lifetimes dreaming about the perfect family and the child they want to have. With the help of the gender calendar process, it is possible for people to manipulate the physical cycles to their own benefits. This helps them in achieving a sense of completion; and establishes a happy lifestyle for their future. The popularity of the gender calendar process lies in the number of happy families it creates.
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